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So, you’re ready to buy a property! It may be your first property or the last of many purchases. Whatever the degree of your experience with New Zealand’s property market, it’s important that you rely on the expertise of a real estate agent when buying your property. At NZ Commercial Property Brokers Limited, as commercial land brokers ourselves, know that there are many benefits to investing in this service, which we will elaborate on below. 

Real Estate Agent
  1. Get the most for your money – Although you may be experienced in the property yourself, the knowledge of a real estate agent is unbeatable. They have nigh-constant contact with the property market and intimate knowledge of a property’s value. A real estate agent can uncover a range of properties that are priced well, in a suitable location, and with an interior you’d like, courtesy of their industry knowledge and connections. 
  2. Negotiate to your benefit – Real estate agents have access to something prospective Property owners do not have – professional negotiating power. This is deeply connected to their ability to get the most for your money! With a detailed knowledge of building regulations, the real estate market, and a good rapport with listing agents, real estate agents can frame a prospective property owner’s request in a way that makes sellers more amenable to granting it, ensuring you get everything you want from your new property. 
  3. Avoid closing problems – Purchasing a property isn’t easy, particularly in New Zealand’s Property market. Above all, real estate agents can help you avoid pesky closing problems, like unexpected title problems, faulty paperwork, or financing issues. Rest assured, being commercial property brokers at NZ Commercial Property Brokers Limited, we’re well-versed when it comes to handling a range of closing challenges, and a commercial real estate agent should be too. 

Although we at NZ Commercial Property Brokers Limited are commercial property brokers in Hamilton, and specialising in commercial property services, we know plenty about what a real estate agent can do, and why you need one. For any enquiries about the property buying process, reach out to us.