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If you are seeking to invest in commercial property, it is crucial that you take stock of how the market is currently shaping up. The path to snapping up the ‘right’ property is rockier than you might have expected, but a commercial real estate broker would be able to help you navigate many of the obstacles.

Here at the North Island city of Hamilton, we have brought together a team of brokers who keep a close eye on the commercial real estate market and are able to account for the following market trends.

The Continued Prevalence of Remote Work

Even with vaccines having significantly lessened threats posed by COVID-19, many employees who switched to remote work during the pandemic have since decided against returning to the office.

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As a result, many office buildings have fallen in their occupancy levels. However, while you might want to think again about acquiring such premises in relatively isolated locations, it’s worth acknowledging that the office market is somewhat bifurcated, as the following point clarifies…

Offices Remaining Popular in Key Areas 

You could find that the easier an office is to physically reach, the more it resists pressure brought about by the remote-work revolution. This helps to explain why commercial properties in more populous areas have recently been garnering a disproportionately high amount of leasing interest.

One good reason to partner with a commercial real estate broker from our own company is that you could get closer to purchasing workplaces in bustling hubs like Hamilton, Cambridge and Tokoroa.

The Increasing Importance of Sustainability 

As the climate crisis has intensified, there has been growing awareness of the need for commercial properties to be built or fitted out with sustainability as a major priority.

Hence, it could pay off handsomely for you over the long term if you choose now to invest in such ‘climate-proof’ workplaces — since their value looks likely to only grow.

The same could be said of ‘standard’ properties that you buy and then renovate or refurbish through eco-friendly means — such as by adding heat pumps or solar panels.

Through ringing our Hamilton-based team on 07 838 3304, you can establish a relationship with a commercial real estate broker adept at keeping informed about market trends as they change and develop. With this expert at close hand, you will be able to choose your next investment wisely.