When you want to lease a workspace for your company’s use, you can speed up the process with help from a commercial leasing agent.

If you’re searching for property in the Waikato region, we can connect you with more than just a real estate agent. That’s because a member of our team, specialising in commercial real estate brokerage, would manage not only the responsibilities of an agent but also take care of all the related paperwork and financial aspects.

This all only begins to explain how a broker can strip a wide range of inefficiencies out of the leasing process — for not only you and the tenant but also the property’s owner.

Drawing Upon Insights into the Market

Our experience with Waikato’s commercial property market enables us to identify which of its leasing opportunities would be best for your specific needs.

We can let you know how rental rates compare across different Waikato areas — and point out which of these tend to work out best for businesses in your specific industry.

Bringing Various Listings Together into One Place

In scouring the local market, we can collate listings for various Waikato properties available to lease. This is especially convenient when you keep in mind that, often, different commercial deals are displayed on different platforms. We can save you from having to spend precious time traipsing from one to another.

Finding the Most Promising Deals 

You might already have a long list of criteria you would like your commercial property to meet. For instance, perhaps you’re looking for a location near public transportation links, or you’re open to choosing a somewhat secluded site if it means saving on rental expenses.

On your behalf, a broker can sort through many options to find you those that would tick the right boxes. Meanwhile, landlords can get help in unearthing tenants likely to prove safe long-term bets.

Skilfully Negotiating Between Both Parties

Of course, when you attempt to arrange a lease, both you and the property owner will have specific interests and be eager to protect them.

Real Estate Broker

Luckily, we can maintain close communication with both parties to address any concerns they may have, all the while working towards securing a lease deal that effectively resolves those concerns.

Looking for a  commercial leasing agent who can greatly simplify your efforts to find the perfect workspace in Waikato for your employees? We are at the other end of the phone on 07 838 3304