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Are you looking to invest in commercial real estate as a business owner or prospective entrepreneur? You will need to enlist the services of a professional with an understanding of the property market, like a commercial real estate broker! NZ Commercial Property Brokers Limited have functioned as an expert commercial property broker in Hamilton for many years, which means we are well-positioned to explain exactly what a commercial real estate broker can do for you! Read on for more information.

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  1. Act as a Liaison – Commercial Real Estate Agents act as a liaison between the multiple parties involved in a commercial transaction. For example, they manage communication between buyers and sellers! A commercial real estate broker should be able to offer valuable insight into the location information and financial analysis of a commercial property that would assist in this liaison process. Ultimately, you want a liaison that will advocate for you and your future profit!
  2. Arrange Property Showings – Commercial properties are in high demand at the moment throughout New Zealand. Commercial property brokers can arrange property showings of the most competitive commercial spaces in an area for you, to secure your bottom line with a valuable property.
  3. Prepare Comparative Market Analysis – As we’ve mentioned briefly above, commercial property brokers should be able to prepare a comparative market analysis report to estimate a commercial property’s value and ensure it is a worthy investment. Alongside this, brokers should also be up-to-date with all current regulations affecting a commercial real estate transaction! This knowledge is extremely useful to business owners.
  4. Financial Analysis – Commercial real estate brokers have a duty to carry out a range of different financial analyses for different scenarios. During a purchase, the broker has a duty to create a marketing document known as an Offering Memo. This showcases the important parts of a property. It also highlights any expenses of the property and projected income. This will impact purchase decisions, showing the importance of the document. 
  5. Negotiate with clients – Commercial real estate brokers are strong negotiators.  Unlike residential real estate brokers, commercial real estate brokers usually have to deal with more than two parties when arranging the sale or lease of a property. Usually, these parties will have conflicting incentives, which is where the broker’s negotiation skills will come in.  

Interested in viewing, purchasing or leasing a commercial property in New Zealand? NZ Commercial Property Brokers are the commercial property brokers you can depend on. Don’t wait to get your business off the ground! Explore our commercial property services by contacting us, today.